As a member of the Quantum Club

you will:

  • Connect to Galactic Light Beings
  • Activate your Light Languages
  • Learn to elevate your conscious to the Quantum Field
  • Learn to recognise differences between energetic signatures of different Galactic Light Races
  • Recode and rewire yourself energetically with Galactic Light Codes, Frequencies and Upgrades
  • Participate in potent Channelled Transmissions and Activations
  • Take part in guided meditations and immersions
  • Get answers to your questions in exclusive monthly Q & A
  • Receive support and connect to like minded souls in a private group

Development and support on your Ascension path!

The Quantum Club is designed for you to develop your spiritual abilities such as connecting to your Galactic Soul Family as Guides, speaking Light Languages, channeling, transmitting and receiving Light Technology.

It’s designed to provide you with ongoing development and support on your Ascension path!

4 powerful Live Sessions every month!

Every week Aeron and Riya will work with you energetically on a deep level to unlock your divine intuitive gifts to connect deeper than ever before with your Higher Self and Galactic Light Beings such as the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Lyrans, the Pleiadians and the Sirians.

  • “Recode and Rewire” session with a Consciousness Technology Code Transmission

  • Light Language Activation and Transmission: activate your own Light Languages and participate in Riya’s coded transmissions

  • Channelled Q&A Session with Aeron - ask your questions to different Galactic Races and get your answers instantly

  • Quantum Practice and Immersion: connect to the energies of various Star Nations and develop your Quantum communication abilities